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Brutal Drakkar | Norsemen | Fantasy Football | Realm of Paths

Brutal Drakkar | Norsemen | Fantasy Football | Realm of Paths

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Fantasy Football team for your tabletop games! This team comes fully printed in high-quality resin, ready to impress the coaches in your league! You will receive the miniatures as pictured. If you require individual miniatures get in touch and we can work something out.

While you're at it why don't you include nameplates for these legends of the field!

⚔️ Rich in detail and dynamic in poses, these are sure to impress the other players at the table. Get one, get many, get the set!

✨ These come without bases that can be purchased in the store from our huge selection of wargaming bases for every environment and size.

Printed in grey resin using an Saturn 2 8k machines. Fine details that are sure to impress.

These were designed by Realm of Paths who have provided a merchant license for JesterPrintStudios.

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