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Draconian Shock Troops | Medium | 32mm | AG | Draconian Scourge

Draconian Shock Troops | Medium | 32mm | AG | Draconian Scourge

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⚔️ The forgotten echo of a primal roar reverberates once again across Mundus, the rumbling thunder of dragon wings fill the air, the crimson fire in their eyes reflects the relentless will of a force that has awakened from a long slumber.

The Draconic Scourge has been Unleashed!

📏 The size system of Small (25mm base), Medium (25-28mm base), Large (50mm base), and Huge (75mm base) should be considered when purchasing this item. The size of the item is relevant to the size of the base it is depicted on as described in the title of the item. If you would like specific sizing please get in contact and we can help :)

✨ These come without bases that can be purchased in the store from our huge selection of wargaming bases for every environment and size.

Printed in grey resin with fine details that are sure to impress.

These were designed by Artisan Guild who have provided a merchant license for Jester Prints.

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