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Lighthouse | DND | Dice Tower | Tiny Towers | Fates End

Lighthouse | DND | Dice Tower | Tiny Towers | Fates End

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Introducing Tiny Towers! These little buggers are made to be portable and exciting while not making a huge footprint on the play area! The size of the tower is shown in relation to the D20 in the image. Another image of the tower in the slicer provides full dimensions so you know exactly what will be hitting your tabletop! Keep in mind that Jester Prints always scales FE Dice Towers up to 110% so will be slightly bigger than the dimensions available. More power for your tower :)

The photo shown is a render of the dice tower or jail, not a printed example. As such, the colour will not reflect the image and will instead be the colour chosen within the listing.

Filament printers are printed layer by layer so may have some faint layer lines - although there will be detail, filament printing will not be as detailed as resin printing. However, this means that filament items are also stronger in nature, perfect for terrain and dice towers.

This dice tower was designed by Fates End ( and is printed in your choice of colour PLA. It is made for standard-sized d20 sets. Towers or Dice Jails may be printed in multiple parts for shipping or your own ease of transport. They can be glued together using standard super glue. These towers will come unpainted and in the colour of PLA that you choose. As these are printed in PLA, do not leave them in extremely hot environments as they may warp.

Towers are made to order so may take time depending on current orders. Typically these can be shipped within two weeks. We aim to expand our colour range so if there was a certain colour you were after please let us know and we can try to accommodate.

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