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Slime Queen | Medium | 32mm | Queens | Twin Goddess Miniatures

Slime Queen | Medium | 32mm | Queens | Twin Goddess Miniatures

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⚔️ Rich in detail and dynamic in poses, these are sure to impress the other players at the table. Get one, get many, and get the set! If you want certain scaling (typically 28mm or 32mm), please get in touch and we'll accommodate without charging you for this basic service.

📏 The size system of Small (25mm base), Medium (25-28mm base), Large (50mm base), and Huge (75mm base) should be considered when purchasing this item. The item's size is relevant to the base it is depicted on as described in the title of the item. If you would like specific sizing please get in contact and we can help :)

Miniatures will be cleaned, have their supports removed, and cured before sending. Rest assured that we take great pride in our quality and will help if miniatures get a beating from the local post office! Minimal marks may remain, but these can be cleaned with regular hobby tools. Bases are included where shown in renders.

If the listing is showing that we don't have enough miniatures in stock please send a quick e-mail as all miniatures are made to order. I can do a custom order for you :)

All of our miniatures are printed in grey resin in 8k quality - we have simply the best quality in Australia and around the world. Our resin is tough and not prone to breakage like eco resin options. Check out the review images to see exactly how our models stack up against the competition!

These were designed by Twin Goddess Miniatures who have provided a merchant license for Jester Prints.

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